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PT Jasnita Telekomindo, Tbk [IDX:JAST]: Redefining Contact Center Operations

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In the present digital world where consumer expectations have soared to new heights, customer experience has become the new battlefront for companies to maintain an edge in the competitive market. Smart VoIP applications with omnichannel communication capabilities like social media, chat, and web integration built on an agile and scalable infrastructure can play a differentiating role in meeting customer demands. Indonesia-based PT Jasnita Telekomindo provides end-to-end, customizable and flexible contact center solutions that allow companies to deliver the best contact center experience to its customers. “Organizations from the e-commerce, government, banking, logistics and fintech world leverage our SIP trunk, cloud private branch exchange (PBX), and cloud communication applications to engage its customers efficiently,” says Kennard Setiadikurnia, CEO of PT Jasnita Telekomindo.

Jasnita optimizes call center processes with its cost-effective cloud-based and modular solutions that leverage business intelligence and automation. With artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) playing an important role in defining and automating communications, Jasnita ensures that its clients are ready to adapt to modern trends. For instance, the firm aided Chope, a Singapore-based food restaurant company, automate their operations with the option to edit, cancel, or confirm reservations and make automated calls to customers. </div><div class=”right“>Employing NLP with Jasnita’s help, Chope reduced the involvement of manual labor in the ordering process that led to improved workflow and business efficiency.

Along with its robust solutions, Jasnita offers managed services to address the needs of the local market. The company builds virtualized data banks for its clients’ call centers, prepping them up for the impending AI revolution in the contact center arena. To elaborate, Jasnita digitalizes the workflow processes of the fintech companies, for instance, and stores their data in a robust helpdesk ticketing and contact center application. Besides, it also helps companies to customize and integrate their CRM and ERP systems with third-party databases. In case a client faces challenges in integrating disparate systems, Jasnita steps in and guides them to handle the system alignment. Additionally, the company equips them with chat and voice bots that execute elementary tasks such as profiling and confirmation processes.

Setiadikurnia believes in building an ecosystem for smart governance with a special focus on emergency service contact centers. As of today, Jasnita has 40 cities using its 112 emergency service contact center solution. Three other cities are using its smart city command center, citizen complaint ticketing, and intranet to improve process execution and security. The company handles 400,000 incidents in a year, 20 percent of which constitutes real emergencies. Its emergency hotline doubles as a platform that coordinates emergency services encompassing ambulance, fire, police, and public works.

“Jasnita is preparing for its listing on the upcoming Indonesia Stock Exchange with expected growth in cloud communications and has also acquired a media company to cater to the smart city ecosystem,” says Setiadikurnia.

Moving forward, Jasnita plans to introduce new offerings to deliver the best contact center experience to the end users. Backed by a team of IT and networking experts, the firm strives to continue providing quality services and innovations. Furthermore, Jasnita intends to develop a robust communication engine with specifications like CCTV, Wi-Fi, and IoT sensors, which provides insights on capacity planning for hospitals, crimes, and accidents while creating a sustainable ecosystem assuring the citizen safety. “We enable our clients to stay ahead of its competitors offering them the most effective and efficient contact center solutions,” concludes Setiadikurnia.

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