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Join Our Webinar : Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey in the Telecommunications Space

Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey in the Telecommunications Space

18 March at 2 pm (GMT+7)

Via Zoom


Digital transformation is a necessity in the ever-changing world. It presents unlimited potential in all aspects of businesses.

Digital transformation enables businesses to be more efficient, more productive, and in turn generate more revenue. With digitalization, businesses now can easily access data pertaining to their business operations, thus helping them in measuring performance, improving their business processes.

Digital transformation also provides new experiences for end consumers. Consumers now are spoiled with options, and there is abundant information they can access before making a decision. 

The telecommunications industry itself has seen a major shift from circuit-switch to packet-switch technologies, which enables services to move to the cloud.  In the past businesses relied heavily on voice communications, however, it is becoming a norm for businesses to be reachable via social media as well.  Accompanied by the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, businesses can now also increase productivity by deploying bots in the various communication channels that they have.

What You Will Learn

Key Topics:

  • Changes that occur in the world of telecommunications today
  • A deeper understanding of the trends and solutions that will dominate the contact center
  • How to evolve your call center strategy for remote working
  • Tangible action items for preparing to meet the future needs of customers
  • How to improve customer convenience and customer loyalty

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